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Lotte Grahn, my mother’s best friend, was a professional photographer. I don’t think she could resist taking pictures of her friend Elsa’s twins. How did all these photos leave Cuba? A friend of a friend, the Spanish ambassador in Havana, brought them to the United States in his diplomatic pouch.
ˇGracias, seńor embajador de Espańa!

Mother with twins

Father with twins

So small....
To this age, I do not think of my brother as a separate person. I wonder why!

At the playground

In sailor suits

Un besito (a little kiss)

At the beach

We lived a block from the ocean. Every summer morning we were in our bathing suits by 10:00 ready to swim (after the 2-hour wait for breakfast to be digested), look for seashells, make sand castles, jump off the seawall holding our noses shut. In the afternoons: the playground’s slide, jungle gym, teeter-totter or cachumbambé. We used to sing the cachumbambé song: “Cachumbambé, la vieja Inés, que fuma tabaco y toma café.”